Sep 25

APMG Facilitation Qualification Event

Attending event September 26,27: This two-day briefing, hosted by Tony Mann (Facilitation Chief Examiner), is designed to give AOs, trainers and RCs a deeper understanding of the Facilitation methodology, the approach and key concepts, and how it relates to other APMG products such as AgilePM, Lean IT and Change Management.

Sep 07

Speaking at PMI Scotland event, 3 September

John is presenting ‘Embedding Risk Management in a healthcare environment’ with Scottish Chapter at Barclays, Glasgow who is kindly hosting the event.


Oct 01

John gains Change Management qualification

Taking this course as part of my continuing professional development, will enable me to better promote the benefits of change and facilitate more engaging workshops. From my perspective as a Risk Management consultant, the course provides a wealth of useful ideas for embedding a ‘risk aware’ culture, from creating a ‘climate’ for change through to reaping the associated benefits.

The course presents change from organisational, team and individual viewpoints combining research-based theory together with practical techniques for achieving organisational change through a process of initiating, planning, implementing and embedding change.

Maven’s training delivery style incorporates a mix of case study driven group work, individual exercises and sample examination question practice. Courses are presented by qualified instructors who have an industry background and who appreciate the real-world issues facing delegates and act as catalysts for sparking new ideas and approaches.

Jul 27

M_o_R® Registered Consultant Status

The APM Group re-assesses Accredited Consulting Organisations’ registered consultants on three year cycle. As a consultant with ACO Outperform, John became the first ever M_o_R Registered Consultant in 2006 – accreditation number M_o_RRC/001. This was renewed in July 2012 following a presentation and intensive interview following 360° client reviews relating to John’s professional competencies.

Jun 14

John gains status as an Approved APMP Trainer

John gains status as an Approved APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) Trainer with Bid to Win Ltd taking on worldwide delivery of APMP Foundation level classroom training and examinations.

The APMP Foundation qualification proves your ability and knowledge in the field of Proposal Management and is an independent mark of quality helping you stand out from the crowd, gaining professional respect and credibility. Find out more about the qualification and training options.

Mar 23

Masters in Online and Distance Education

John was awarded a Masters degree (MA) in Online and Distance Education from the Open University in March 2012.

As clients demand more innovative and efficient methods to deliver training this course of study has been instrumental in informing my e-learning development work. The course has a great mix of learning and teaching theory, current research and thinking, appreciation of technologies and how they are used/misused and design considerations for accessibility.

Jan 20

Management of Portfolios Practitioner and Trainer Accreditations

Gaining the Management of Portfolios Practitioner qualification in January 2012, John has also been assessed and accredited as an MoP® Trainer.

Present at the launch of the Management of Portfolios discipline in January 2011 where he gained a Foundation level accreditation, John took up studies again when the new Practitioner qualification was offered, taking the examination in December 2011 and assessed as an instructor through observation and interview.

Jan 14

Management Of Risk Exams: Practice Guide

John Humphries, co-author of ‘For successful risk management: Think M_o_R®’, has collaborated with Keith Gray and Seán McEvoy on a practice guide for the Management of Risk exams. The guide describes how to tackle the different types of questions encountered and contains practice foundation and practitioner style questions and answers. The guide is available by mail-order.