Project Management Services

Testimonials graphicWPM on Project Management Services

“John has good experience of managing a wide variety of projects: backed up with a good track record.”

“John carried out a ‘Due Diligence’ Audit for WPM. This involved assessing a support organisation on behalf of the client. Political awareness and empathy were critical: John was the perfect choice for the job.”

“John consistently helps develop our business by highlighting any new opportunities with existing clients.”

“John’s representation of WPM has added to our credibility in the marketplace.”

“John is low maintenance in terms of management overheads for an Assignment. I’d describe him as “point and shoot”: he’s very self sufficient.”

Feedback provided by Andrew Murray, Business Unit Manager and Company Director, WPM Solutions

Tadpole-Cartesia on Project Management Services

“John balances good communication skills with a results orientated service: he gets the job done without wasting time.”

“I only had to schedule in the initial Briefing Meeting. The next time I met with John he presented me with the first draft! Ideal. No time wasting in between.”

“I would definitely use John’s services again. He combines good technical experience and communication skills with delivery.”

Feedback provided by John Ducker, Technical Project Manager

LANergy on Project Management Approach

“An undoubted benefit of working with John is his ability to see the project from both sides: not just the technical perspective but also the customers needs.”

“John’s experience and longer term approach gave a dimension to our project usually only achieved through separate customer trials.”

“John’s suggestions have also shown us alternate ways of approaching future projects.”

He adapted well to the changing lifecycle of the project. It didn’t seem to bother him at all, He just worked with it and didn’t get impatient.”

“We felt very comfortable with John: he seemed more like a natural part of our project team than an outside consultant.”

“He plans ahead and delivers on-time.”

Feedback provided by Colin Reid, Principal Software Engineer, LANergy Ltd

Canon on Localisation Project Management Services

“John combines maturity, wisdom and experience with strong interpersonal skills”

“John has a diplomatic approach which builds bridges and gets things done without unnecessary confrontation.”

“In a crisis, John excelled: he kept a cool head under pressure. I would definitely employ his services again.”

“John won the respect of Japanese colleagues”

“John delivered on time with very little management overhead.”

Feedback provided by Jonathan Bowring, Localisation Programme Manager, Canon UK

Xerox on Localisation Project Management Services

“John is a loyal, trustworthy, professional manager with strong interpersonal skills.”

“It is easy to find someone with the right technical skills. Finding someone who also has the right interpersonal skills is more difficult. John’s communication skills stood out.”

“His people skills definitely helped build teams and get the job done. He is a real team player and built good relationships at all levels.”

“John is a professional, approachable trustworthy manager who fits in well to customer organisations.”

Feedback provided by Paul Tucker, formerly General Manager Europe, XSoft a Division of Xerox, now Managing Director, Audatex”Translation Services