Authoring Services

Testimonials graphicLANergy on Authoring Services

“We needed a technical author who could take a technical procedure and present it in layman’s terms. John was ideal. He takes potentially complex details and presents them in an easy to read format which anyone could follow.”

“We weren’t sure what layout to use. John came up with something really impressive.”

“He brings lots of good ideas to the table. What’s more, they work.”

Feedback provided by Andrew Smith, Production and Logistics Manager, LANergy Ltd

“The project required someone who had not only technical writing skills but also the ability to present information in customer friendly words and format. He is very good at taking key technical points and putting them into everyday language, and separates unnecessary complexity from useful functionality.”

“John really took the time to listen to our brief. He even contributed some of his own ideas and methodologies. It was obvious that he had really given the project some thought beforehand.”

“John takes the time to understand the product properly before putting pen to paper. The result was a concise guide attractively formatted and ideal for the first time user.”

“John’s understanding of Localisation was really beneficial.”

Feedback provided by Colin Reid, Principal Software Engineer, LANergy Ltd

Tadpole-Cartesia on Authoring Services

“Technical Authoring work requires the ability to understand more than one technology: i.e. design as well as programming. John was ideal.”

“The work John did for us required sufficient technical experience and know-how to be able to communicate effectively with Specialists in their own field. Some of these technical people hold PhD and MSc degrees. His ability to understand them was a bonus for everyone.”

“The technical people really appreciated having someone to talk to who understood them. For this type of work you have to have a high level of technical appreciation in order to be able to hold a sensible conversation.”

“On one particular project, John was working not only with experts in their own field, but also those for whom English was not their first language. Despite this, he still managed to acquire the correct information and transform it into a user friendly format.”

“John has an excellent ability to translate technical information into everyday words.”

Feedback provided by John Ducker, Technical Project Manager