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Quotations from Customer Feedback Forms for training delivered by John Humphries:

“John showed a great deal of practical experience.” Ballast Group

“Well presented and informative.” Toshiba

“John encouraged plenty of classroom participation while maintaining a good pace throughout the course.” Sun Microsystems Limited

“Many thanks to John for enlightening us on the subject.” PandT Environment Group

“A dry subject well positioned and presented.” Morse Group

“John was able to give numerous examples to reinforce the methodology.” Consignia

“John delivered in a clear, precise and knowledgeable manner. Use of real life experiences was very helpful.” Sun Microsystems Ltd

“Every answer was right and could fit within a flexible approach” gedas UK Ltd

“John is reliable and delivers a consistently high service.”

“John is dependable (reliable and punctual) and always promotes WPM in a positive manner.”

“John is an experienced trainer who requires minimal support when presenting.”

“Satisfied customers continue to purchase training courses thus help to secure the future prosperity of a training company such as WPM.”

“John provides detailed feedback regarding future training and consultancy opportunities from the attendees of each of his courses.”

Feedback provided by Peter Stockdale, Business Unit Manager, WPM Training

Engineous on the Jump Start Your Project Workshop and subsequent execution

“The instructor did a fine job of linking the “theory” to the real world and the workshop has provided us the structure and common group understanding about how to look at a project proposal and its execution. We are now using the methodology for all new customer proposals involving consultation and development.”

“As a result of the workshop, we have a structure that removes the project assumptions, puts all the issues in the open and provides 3-way alignment: project manager, customer, and project. This allows our lean organization to have a simple, clear and focused execution plan.”

“Prior to the workshop, we were learning project management on a trial-and-error basis. It was interesting to learn that we were on the right path, but we had exerted a lot of effort and time finding it. Now we have a common structure, vocabulary and understanding.”

“In order to grow our business profitably, we need simplicity, clarity and focus for all of our revenue mechanisms. Projects are a revenue component, and when we do a good job, the customer will make repeat purchases. In the past, we were learning project management on a learning-by-doing basis. Now we are able still carry out project management with an element of innovation, but the stability and efficiency of the process has been greatly enhanced. The workshop and implementation of the “takeaways” has allowed us make this transition.”