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“For Successful Risk Management: Think M_o_R”

This book presents a practical introduction to the Office of Government Commerce’s (OGC) publication “Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners”. The book was co-authored by Mike Ward of Outperform and John Humphries. Find out more at the OGC/TSO Best Management Practice web site.

“IRM 6th Edition Business Risk Management”  by Jonathan Reuvid (co-contributed to by Mike Ward and John Humphries).

This is a practical guide to protecting your business. More information and the ability to purchase the book can be found at Amazon.

“Management of Risk Exams: Practice Guide”, co-written with Keith Gray and Seán McEvoy.

The guide describes how to tackle the different types of questions encountered and contains practice foundation and practitioner style questions and answers.

M_o_R Exams Practice Guide

M_o_R Exams Practice Guide

Use this workbook to study, practice and prepare for the Management of Risk, M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner exams.You’ll get to know the different types of questions and techniques for tackling them, tips on finding your way quickly around the M_o_R® Guidance, exam planning and time-management.Written by experienced M_o_R® instructors, this book contains a full, 45 question, Foundation test paper, sample questions in Practitioner-style OTE format, and puzzles to help remember key terms.

The Management of Risk Exams: Practice Guide, Tips, Techniques and Sample Questions is available at £15.00 plus £1.50 postage & packing. Please contact us for details.

About the Authors:

John Humphries is the first M_o_R® Registered Consultant (001) to be appointed. As an Accredited M_o_R® Instructor he has led Practitioner courses since 2006. John authored two accredited M_o_R® Courseware packages, co-authored the OGC’s For Successful Risk Management: Think M_o_R®: and contributed to the IRM’s publication on Business Risk Management. Consulting assignments include developing risk management policies, strategies and process guides.

Seán McEvoy is an Accredited M_o_R® Instructor, an accredited PRINCE2® Instructor and a PMP®. He is a visiting lecturer on Project Management in Trinity College, Dublin. He has been a practicing project manager for over 25 years and has developed and delivered Risk Management and Project Management courses worldwide. He has worked with Central Government, Local Government and Multi-national organisations to develop their awareness and understanding of Risk Management.

Keith Gray is an M_o_R® Registered Consultant (003) and Accredited Instructor and has been delivering risk management consulting services since 2000 and M_o_R® Practitioner courses since 2007. Keith has run risk culture, risk identification and risk tool configuration workshops in the UK and Australia as steps in implementing organisation-wide risk management.